A Genuine photograph of a pterosaur


Two scientists, Clifford Paiva (California) and Jonathan Whitcomb (Utah) have seen significant evidence of authenticity in an old photograph of an apparent extant pterosaur, dated to about pre-1870.



Paiva suggested that Whitcomb write a small book on the photo that is now called "Ptp." The result was the nonfiction cryptozoology book Modern Pterosaurs, now on sale online.


To ask about the nonfiction book or to report a sighting of a possible extant pterosaur, contact Jonathan Whitcomb.


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This is not a joke but a serious investigation of an old photo that many persons have assumed must have been a hoax, yet Ptp has a genuine image of a real animal. Paiva found that a tree branch under the beak of the apparent Pteranodon dates the recording of this photo to before about 1870, when photographers used props to prevent movement during photography.


From the nonfiction author Jonathan Whitcomb:


"Cliff Paiva and I are in earnest with our investigation of this old photograph. Please be aware that another photo was made around the year 2000: a hoax that was in imitation of the original. The Haxan Films hoax-photo was made to promote episodes of the television show Freakylinks, which aired on the Fox Network from 2000 to 2001. Do not confuse the Haxan hoax with the older Ptp photo, for they have completely different origins."